Will Smoking Affect My Rhinoplasty Recovery?

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If you’re a Dallas patient desiring rhinoplasty, and you also smoke (or vape or use chewing tobacco), you might be wondering if your habit will affect your recovery process. The answer is a resounding, “yes”! Additionally, it can also complicate your surgery. For these reasons, Dr. Bassichis of Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center requires all his patients to refrain from nicotine usage of any kind for at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery.

Why Does Smoking Affect the Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

Smoking has adverse effects on nose job recovery because it constricts your blood vessels. After rhinoplasty or any surgery for that matter, you want to ensure you have the best possible blood flow so you can heal as quickly and properly as possible.

You see, our blood is a stream that delivers cells and antibodies to every part of our bodies through a complicated system of arteries and veins. Your body needs to flow at its maximum capacity to transfer nutrients to your nose after rhinoplasty so that you can heal.

But because nicotine usage constricts blood vessels, Dallas patients who choose to continue with their habit during their recovery process experience delayed healing. And the longer it takes for you to heal properly, the more at risk you are for developing complications – such as infections at your incision sites.

For the best possible recovery from rhinoplasty, Dr. Bassichis of Dallas’ Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery urges all his patients to quit smoking, vaping or using chewing tobacco for at least 2 weeks after their procedure.

How Smoking Affects Your Surgery

So we’ve learned that smoking constricts blood vessels. Guess what? Blood vessel constriction can also make your nose job surgery more difficult to complete by restricting the amount of blood flowing during your procedure. We know you want your surgery day to go as smoothly as possible. For this reason, Dr. Bassichis also requires his facial plastic surgery patients to refrain from any nicotine usage for at least 2 weeks before their surgeries.

Getting Help Abstaining

We know that nicotine is addictive, and it’s really hard to quit. If you’re considering getting a nose job, it might be time to decide to quit for good. Before your surgery, you can use an over-the-counter smoking cessation product, such as step down nicotine gum, lozenges, or patches. You can also visit your Dallas primary care physician to be prescribed medication that has been proven to reduce nicotine cravings.

If over-the-counter or prescription medications aren’t enough to help you quit, you can sign up for a smoking cessation program that will help with the psychological and social aspects of kicking the habit, too. For a recommendation, ask your primary care physician or Dr. Bassichis during your initial consultation.

Ask Dr. Bassichis If You Have Any Questions

If you have any other questions about smoking and nose job recovery, or how to quit, don’t be afraid to ask Dr. Bassichis during your initial consultation or leave a message at his Dallas practice, Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery.

The important thing is to be honest. While Dr. Bassichis cares deeply about providing you with the surgical results you desire, your overall health and surgical safety are his primary concern. If your surgery day is approaching, and you haven’t been able to stop smoking, Dr. Bassichis needs to know.

To schedule an initial consultation or talk to Dr. Bassichis about quitting your nicotine habit, contact our Dallas office at (972) 774-1777.

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