Can Rhinoplasty Improve My Nasal Fracture?

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When the bones and cartilage that form one’s nose are broken, such as in an accident or though contact during sports, they sustain a nasal fracture that can affect both the way they breathe and look. To prevent more severe consequences of a nasal fracture, it’s important to seek immediate medical assistance from a primary care physician or the emergency room. This care will allow timely surgical treatment to be received in the form of a rhinoplasty from a qualified facial plastic surgeon if the nose does not heal properly.

What a Rhinoplasty Can Correct

The black eyes and swelling that come with a nasal fracture will heal in time, but the only way to improve breathing and appearance is through a rhinoplasty. Dallas patients seek treatment from Dr. Bassichis after receiving treatment from their primary care doctor.

During the consultation, Dr. Bassichis will review what changes need to be made, and he will also:

  • Use photos prior to the nasal fracture as a template for surgery.
  • Set expectations for the final result of the rhinoplasty.
  • Outline the benefits and risks of the procedure.

The goal of a rhinoplasty after a nasal fracture is to get the nose back to the way prior to the injury, breathing and looking back to normal.

Causes of Impaired Breathing

Depending on how the nose breaks, there are a few different ways to correct the appearance and function of it. In most cases, breathing trouble is either caused by:

  • Deviated septum: Facial trauma causes the septum to get pushed off center and create trouble breathing due to blockage.
  • Nasal valve: When this area of the nose becomes too narrow, as in some patients who sustain nasal fractures, breathing through it can become difficult.

Both of these problems stem from a defect in the internal structure of the nose and are remedied with an open rhinoplasty. This allows Dr. Bassichis to view the entire nasal cavity and repair the damage caused by a nasal fracture.

Restoring Your Appearance with Rhinoplasty

While there is some cosmetic benefit to repairing nasal structures related to breathing, many Dallas patients require additional attention to the cosmetic aspect of their broken nose. A few of the problems corrected with a rhinoplasty include:

  • Crookedness: Usually affects their ability to breathe as well as making the nose appear off-center.
  • Cartilage loss: If the nose was broken badly, it is possible to lose cartilage and even bone. This lack of structure changes the appearance of the nose and can be corrected by grafting new cartilage to the area.

Dr. Bassichis provides Dallas patients with treatment adapted to their precise problems, restoring the nose back to the way it was prior to the nasal fracture.

On the Importance of Immediate Treatment

After sustaining a nasal fracture, it is imperative for patients to seek treatment immediately. In many cases, a primary care physician will prevent worsening damage and plastic surgery may not even be necessary. However, if they delay treatment, it can leave them waiting months for surgery to return their nose back to normal.

If you need plastic surgery for your nasal fracture, contact our Dallas office at (972) 774-1777 to schedule a consultation today.

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