Tips for Safe Plastic Surgery

Now that you have made the decision to undergo elective cosmetic surgery, although very unfortunate, occasionally bad plastic surgery results occur. Despite strict medical and professional standards here in the US, sometimes unfavorable results happen for a variety of reasons. Dr. Bassichis takes his responsibilities as a plastic surgeon very seriously.  While he treats numerous patients needing correction of results from elsewhere, he is always saddened to see happy elective surgery patients transformed into unhappy reconstructive surgery patients. Here are points to consider to help ensure your healthy outcome from cosmetic surgery.

1.) Ensure your surgeon is board certified. Be sure that the surgeon you select is board certified. Determine if they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ( This confirms they specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, have received specialty training and have undergone rigorous examinations.

2.) Verify your surgeon specializes in the procedure you want to undergo. Be sure the surgeon you selected specializes in the procedure and has performed it numerous times. Request to see before and after pictures.

3.) Determine you’re in good health. An examination of your past and present physical health should be conducted.

4.) Be honest and open with your surgeon. Be sure to tell the truth about ALL medications (even vitamins and supplements), medical conditions, drinking and eating habits, smoking, etc. Your lifestyle and medical history are extremely important to the success and safety of your surgery and your healthy outcome and recovery.

5.) Be realistic. While procedures can deliver outstanding results that improve your appearance tremendously, it is important to maintain realistic expectations regarding your outcome.

6.) Ask for pictures and testimonials. As mentioned above, be sure to ask for before and after pictures. A doctor with a good track record will show you pictures of former patients and provide testimonials.

7.) Listen carefully when your doctor explains risks and complications. All procedures have inherent risks. Be sure to understand what the risks of your surgery and anesthesia are.

8.) Understand the price. If a surgical quote seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The most important thing you can do is research. The more you know about your surgeon, the procedure, and your personal health, the less of a risk it will be. Advocate for your health and we wish you a wonderful SAFE cosmetic surgery experience!

Beautifully yours,

Drs. Michelle and Benjamin Bassichis

Benjamin Bassichis MD FACS is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas specializing exclusively in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face. To learn more about Dr. Bassichis’ plastic surgery procedures please call 972.774.1777 to schedule your consultation.

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