The Botox Browlift by Dr. Bassichis

Eyebrows frame our eyes – the most dominant facial feature – so their impact on our appearance is extremely significant. An elevated brow arch can make the eyes appear more inviting and youthful. Conversely, sunken brows can make a person appear angry or tired even when they are not. Expertly injected into the appropriate muscles of the face, BotoxCosmetic or Dysport will relax the muscles that cause brows to fall. The Botox Browlift is a safe, effective non-surgical browlift procedure that can correct a downward or drooping, “sad” eyes appearance. By relaxing the appropriate muscles of the brow, the Botox Browlift can raise the eyebrows into a more pleasing arch, “open” the eyes for a refreshed appearance, and reduce the tired, hooded appearance of the brows. To even-out brows that are asymmetrical, an experienced injector such as Dr. Bassichis can use varying amounts of Botox to create symmetry. With a few tiny injections, Dr. Bassichis can erase years from the face with the Botox Browlift.

At the ADVANCED FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY CENTER, all our injections of Botox, Dysport or other cosmetic injectibles such as Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, Sculptra or Artefill are personally performed by one of Dallas Top Plastic Surgeons and one of the Best Physicians in Amercia. In addition, Dr. Bassichis is the only Black Diamond surgeon injector in Dallas, reflecting the highest level of experience and expertise.

A Botox Browlift can be a wonderful non-surgical option for the right patients.  Botox Browlift is effective for mild descent of the brows.  If the brow drooping is more severe – surgical browlift may be the best option. Remember, your Botox Browlift will not stop the aging process or prevent the need for surgery forever – but it will achieve a wonderful effect for several months.

Beautifully yours,

Drs. Michelle and Benjamin Bassichis

Benjamin Bassichis MD FACS is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas specializing exclusively in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face. To learn more about Dr. Bassichis’ plastic surgery procedures please call 972.774.1777 to schedule your consultation.

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