Skincare: In Your 20’s


Young patients in their 20’s are more aware now that damage done today can result in future skin issues. Despite this knowledge, however, adolescents and young adults are still the most likely to tan and frequent tanning beds.

Educating patients on the importance of minimizing sun exposure and practicing sun safety is vital. UV damage is one of the main causes of skin aging. If a person’s skin has unprotected UV exposure from their teens onward, their skin can appear discolored, dehydrated, and aged far earlier than someone who chooses to wear broad-spectrum sun protection every day. Early preventative methods to maintain skin health for patients in their 20’s include hats, sunscreens, and sun-protective clothing.

Pre-skin cancers, skin cancers, freckles, broken capillaries, wrinkles can be treated even in patients in the 20’s. Some patients will start Botox injections at this age. Tretinoin for acne treatment and this is also effective for wrinkles later on.

The skincare regimen for high school and college-aged patients should typically be simple and basic, starting with products that are not overly abrasive and contain adequate humectants to preserve moisture.

Once people get into their 20s, preventative products can be introduced, such as antioxidants, and a good topical vitamin C and E product to promote overall skin health into their futures.

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