How Can I Tell if I Need a Mini Facelift or a Full Facelift?

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If you’ve been reading up on Facelift procedures, you may have found that in addition to the Full Facelift, there is also a Mini Facelift surgery available. And you might be wondering, “Which Facelift procedure is right for me?” The answer, according to Dallas surgeon, Dr. Bassichis of Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center, lies all in your expectations. The results you are hoping to achieve will determine if you are a Mini Facelift candidate or a Full Facelift candidate.

Am I a Mini Facelift Candidate?

Mini Facelift procedures are shorter, less surgically invasive and take less recovery time. A Mini Facelift, coined MiniLift™ by Dr. Bassichis, is ideal for someone who has fewer facial issues to correct. If you have only slight jowling and sagging of the skin and the neck, and only slight wrinkles, this less-invasive procedure just might be right for you. With a Mini Facelift, Dallas surgeon Dr. Bassichis will tighten your deep facial tissue through shorter incisions, usually hidden behind the ear or in the hairline. These mini-incisions, however, can provide excellent results. A Mini Facelift can rejuvenate a “tired” look, or turn back the hands of time to make a slightly aging face appear much younger. As you continue to age, however, you may opt to have a Full Facelift in the future, though a Mini Facelift can postpone a Full Facelift for several years to come.

Am I Full Facelift Candidate?

Dallas surgeon Dr. Bassichis skillfully hides your incisions in folds or creases, providing a natural camouflage for your scars and avoiding abnormal hairlines or hair loss. If you have more pronounced aging on your face, such has heavier jowls, sagging skin and deeper wrinkles; then a Full Facelift is probably the option that will give you the best results. With a Full Facelift, Dr. Bassichis will be better able to address the advanced aging signs around your mid-face and neck, giving you a dramatically rejuvenated, younger looking face. A Full Facelift is a more intense surgical procedure, however, and you will have more incisions. Since a Full Facelift is a more intense procedure, you will require a longer recovering time.

Before You Choose a Mini Facelift or Full Facelift.

Before you decide whether you want a Mini Facelift of a Full Facelift, it’s important that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Bassichis at his Dallas office. During the consultation, Dr. Bassichis will perform a full examination of your face, and explain what type of realistic results you can expect to receive with both a Mini Facelift and a Full Facelift. Once you select a procedure, he’ll explain it to you in detail, and make sure you are a candidate for plastic surgery, meaning that:

  • You’re generally in good medical and psychological health;
  • You don’t smoke, or you agree to quit smoking 2 weeks before and after your procedure as smoking can complicate plastic surgery and healing time;
  • You have good physical health;
  • You live a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly;
  • You have a support system at home who can pick you up from your procedure and help take care of you the first few days of recovery;
  • Most importantly, you understand what results you can expect with the surgery procedure you’ve chosen, and you have realistic expectations.

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