Getting a Facelift: Dallas Patients and the Decision to Make a Change

There are many reasons that people decide to have a facelift. Dallas’ Dr. Benjamin Bassichis and the team at ADVANCED Facial Plastic Surgery Center talk with patients every day about the choices they are making. Our consultation helps them to clarify their thinking; learn what is and what is not possible through surgery; and identify surgical and non-surgical options for improving their appearance.

Learn more below about making a change. Then, get in touch to discuss our work.

The Impact of a Dallas Facelift

If you are like many patients, the decision to have a facelift has a lot to do with what you see when you look in the mirror. This is the face that friends, family, and colleagues recognize when they look at you. It’s also the appearance that you most connect with your identity.

It’s for this reason that people often have reservations about getting a facelift. Dallas patients are concerned about making alterations to their appearance. They don’t want to make a change for the worse. They also may be afraid of changing their appearance so drastically that they no longer recognize themselves.

There are some good and important reasons to have the surgery as well. Namely, the appearance you see in the mirror may not be who you really are. Inside, you feel young, energetic, and full of possibility. The face looking back at you may have lines, wrinkles, excess skin, or an aged and tired appearance.

You don’t want to change who you are. Instead, you want to improve your appearance so that it matches the person inside without completely altering your physical identity. The right facelift team in Dallas can help you achieve this goal.

ADVANCED and Dr. Bassichis

Dr. Bassichis and his medical staff focus exclusively on cosmetic and plastic surgery for the face, head, and neck. This focus means that you receive specialized care in the specific procedure you require. It also means that you are guided to the right option for your needs.

Dr. Bassichis’ knowledge of facelift, Dallas mini-lift, and non-surgical procedures gives patients a wide variety of approaches to improved physical beauty. In your initial consultation, you’ll have a chance to discuss the goals you are trying to achieve. Dr. Bassichis will help you to understand the different techniques; the advantages of each; and how they may be used in combination to provide you with the best results.

With the procedure, patients can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin in the lower face. To support their facelift, Dallas patients may also receive FDA-approved and medically-proven facial fillers. These products address hollows and sharper features in the upper face, and they create a smoother and more voluminous appearance. Combining the approaches allows patients to maintain their appearance for years to come.

If you are ready for the reflection to match the inside “you”, contact ADVANCED to learn more about our facelift procedure. Our Dallas offices are available at (972) 774-1777 and email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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