Top Ten Ways to Avoid Wrinkles!

Learn Valuable Tips from Dr. Bassichis to Keep Your Face Youthful

Is a facelift in your future? The answer may depend on how you treat your face now…and what good or bad habits you may not have thought of before. Dr. Ben Bassichis, a facial plastic surgeon and the director of the Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery and Skin Aesthetics Center, says most people control their own fate when it comes to needing facial plastic surgery. The secrets to great skin health can be practiced at any age. So whether you are 22 or 82, try these Top Ten Ways to Avoid Wrinkles:
1. Pick good parents. OK, so you can’t control this one! Skin, like everything else, is hereditary. Some people are naturally more resistant to wrinkles. But if your parents have healthy wrinkle-free skin, unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee you will too. Of course, they may have followed these other nine great tips…
2. Wear sunscreen.    The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are a major culprit in causing wrinkles (and skin cancer too!). Too much sun will speed up the wrinkling process and will increase your risk for skin cancers. An SPF level 30 or higher is recommended for the optimal protection of your face. Be aware that SPF only tells you how much UVB protection the product provides. To obtain broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection, look for sunscreen that contains an effective physical sunblock (ex. over 5% zinc oxide) or a chemical sunscreen absorber that protects in the UVA range. The sun’s UVA rays are constant throughout the year, so sunscreen should be worn on cloudy days and in the winter. Remember, your face is the only one you’ve got, so slather on the sunscreen and avoid those wrinkles! Also, wear a hat and sun protective clothing.
3. Avoid tanning salons. Completely. Don’t assume the tanning salon or tanning booths are safer than exposure to direct sunlight. You are still being exposed to damaging and wrinkle causing UV rays — and at a higher concentration than direct sunlight. For those who wish to have that “healthy-looking” glow, there are alternatives. Sunless tanning products and cosmetic bronzers allow you to achieve an instant, natural-looking tan and do not contribute to developing wrinkles or skin cancers. But even with your “sunless” tan, remember to wear sunscreen!
4. Stop smoking. It not only damages your heart and lungs, but the toxins in cigarette smoke cause skin damage, too. It is well documented that smokers wrinkle at a younger age and are more prone to developing skin (and many other) cancers and diseases. Please do not smoke.
5. Avoid weight fluctuations. Although fad diets are all the rage, yo-yo dieters are actually harming their skin by gaining and losing weight repetitively, causing their skin to sag and stretch. As we age, skin loses its elasticity and can’t bounce back after each fluctuation. Losing and gaining weight also causes a loss of skin tone.
6. Drink water. The human body is 70% water, and skin is our largest organ…you do the math! It is vitally important to keep your body -and skin- hydrated. Drinking plenty of water also ensures that you flush out unwanted toxins. Not enough water will dehydrate your skin, much like how a grape becomes a raisin without its water base.
7. Eat right. A well-balanced diet is good for your entire body. Good nutrition, especially the recommended portions of fruits and vegetables, affects the skin much as it does any other organ and can have a long-lasting, positive effects in preventing wrinkles. 8. Wear sunglasses.    Besides the benefit of looking cool and blocking UV rays around your eyes, you also will squint less. Squinting creates little creases around the eyes that will eventually become permanent.    The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and delicate and is often among the first places that facial wrinkles appear.
9. Sleep on your back. You may not have thought of this one, but people who sleep on their side often wake up with sleep lines and skin folds. Over a long period of time, these may become permanent. Sleeping on one’s back is a trick long practiced by Hollywood stars to avoid stress and trauma to the skin.
10. Avoid stress. Granted, this one can be the most difficult (next to picking your parents!), but it is a well-established fact that stress can cause a myriad of problems for your face (and health in general!). Most often, people furrow their eyebrows, clench their jaws and grimace without really noticing it.    Make a conscious effort to relax your facial muscles, and stay calm and beautiful!

Dr. Bassichis recommends the above 10 methods to help avoid wrinkles. If you are interested in more ways to keep your skin healthy and youthful, call Dr. Bassichis at the Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center for your complimentary consultation.

Beautifully yours,
Drs. Michelle and Benjamin Bassichis

Benjamin Bassichis MD FACS is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas specializing exclusively in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face. To learn more about Dr. Bassichis’ plastic surgery procedures please call 972.774.1777 to schedule your consultation.

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