Stem Cell Therapy at ADVANCED a.k.a. Fat Transfer

Can you imagine using your own stem cells to restore your face? The science behind this revolutionary technology is not science fiction at ADVANCED, it is reality.

Adult stem cells can be easily harvested from the fat in your body which can then be injected into the face to rejuvenate the desired area. In the procedure of Fat Transfer, Dr. Bassichis does just this. He takes fat from one area of a patient’s body where it is plentiful (for example, abdomen or thigh) and transfers it to an area of volume loss in the face or hands for volumetric restoration. He uses fat to enhance and treat the eye area, forehead, temples, cheeks, laugh lines, frown lines, jowls, jaw line, chin, hands, and even scar reduction.

Adult stem cells are naturally present in fatty tissue and are able to differentiate and take the form of the surrounding tissue to heal and regenerate the area of treatment. These stem cells are “multipotent” in that they have the unique ability to change into a variety of tissue types including fat, bone, muscle, cartilage and nerve covering. Relatively easily accessible with ample supply in most individuals (!), stem cells pose no risk of allergic reactions because they are derived from your own body. Transferring a patient’s own fat is an ideal volume source used to treat a variety of conditions including facial fullness loss as well as aging of the hands, post-surgical defects, and post-traumatic defects. Another added benefit of fat transfer seen in many patients is the visible and noticeable improvement in skin quality and texture in areas overlying sites of fat transfer. This healing effect has been attributed to the healing power of the stem cells present in human adipose tissue. To restore lost facial volume and contour, Dr. Bassichis often employs fat transfer as an excellent method to replenish volume lost with time, with the added benefit of improvement in skin texture and tone due to the fabulous Stem Cells.

How cool is that?!

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Drs. Michelle and Benjamin Bassichis

Benjamin Bassichis MD FACS is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas specializing exclusively in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face. To learn more about Dr. Bassichis’ plastic surgery procedures please call 972.774.1777 to schedule your consultation.

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