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When “Lisa” decided to get Botox Cosmetic and Restylane one year after delivering her second child, she had no idea she was embarking her “mommy makeover.” She just knew she wanted her old self back.

“Before children, I still felt like a girl,” she says. “After birthing, breastfeeding, and caring for two kids, I felt middle-aged. I needed something to rejuvenate myself.”

Even though Lisa was only 36 at the time, she had the procedures and was thrilled with the results. She also had laser and topical therapy to effectively treat her facial Melasma. Now, the high-end real estate agent, who just turned 43, is about to get browlift surgery to refresh her sagging brows as well as Fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing to refresh and resurface her facial skin.

Lisa is part of a growing number of women undergoing “Mommy Makeovers”—plastic surgery procedures that restore, or improve, their post-pregnancy appearance.

It’s difficult to come by exact numbers for mommy makeovers because it’s a marketing term, not a surgical one. Dr. Bassichis views this trend to reflects today’s modern Moms that want to take great care of themselves AND their families – in an environment which accepts plastic surgery. Even the numerous television makeover shows, he says, are an indication that the Mommy Makeover boom began awhile back.

“Unlike previous generations, these mothers want to stay young, feel young and preserve their youthful appearance as they care for their children,” he says. “The music they listen to, the restaurants they go to, the clothes they wear—all have a lot to do with it. It’s a new youth conscious generation.”

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), 36 percent of the 9.9 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed in 2009 were on patients between the ages of 30 and 39; 29 percent of them were aged 20 to 29.

“Some women bounce back as if nothing ever happened,” Dr. Bassichis says. “Other women are more affected by pregnancy.” For other mothers, it’s an issue of priorities—and a woman’s well-being.

Non-invasive facial Mommy Makeovers do not entail any recovery time but can inject vitality and freshness into a mother’s sense of overall health. Non-invasive procedures including facial injections such as Botox Cosmetic and Restylane, great skin care, microdermabrasion, fractionated CO2 resurfacing, chemical peels and laser services can refresh a Mother’s appearance dramatically, naturally, and beautifully. By restoring her sense of physical and spiritual wellness, these makeovers can give a little lift and “me” attention to our hard working Mom’s and allow them to continue to focus on caring for their children.

Dr. Bassichis offers these additional recommendations to women considering mommy makeovers so they’ll attain the best possible outcome—and maintain those results.

1. Achieve your desired post-pregnancy weight.
2. Make sure your are exercising at least 30 minutes per day: a minimum of 15 minutes of interval training and 15 minutes of resistance training, alternating different body parts, on different days of the week.
3. Practice superb nutrition – for you and the kids.
4. Keep alcohol consumption at less than two to three drinks per week.
5. Quit smoking.
6. Use sunscreen and excellent skin care products.

“If you take good care of yourself,” says Dr. Bassichis, “you’ll be more able to take great care of your kids.”

“Wow!” Lisa says. “My self-esteem is amazing! I can look in the mirror again and love what I see. I really feel like me again.”

“Now I get to be both a girl and a woman,” she shares. “I love and am proud of the woman and mother that I’ve become…and my family love it too.”

Note: Patient’s name was changed to protect her privacy.

Beautifully yours,
Drs. Michelle and Benjamin Bassichis

Benjamin Bassichis MD FACS is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas specializing exclusively in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face. To learn more about Dr. Bassichis’ plastic surgery procedures please call 972.774.1777 to schedule your consultation.

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