Dallas Rhinoplasty Surgery: What to Expect from Your Results

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose or you are having trouble breathing comfortably, you might be a good candidate for Dallas rhinoplasty surgery. Through the procedure, our skilled and knowledgeable surgeon can change the way your nose looks and fix underlying problems such as a deviated septum.

Dr. Benjamin Bassichis is double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon specializing exclusively in surgery of the face, head, and neck surgery, including procedures such as nasal surgery, medical injectables, laser resurfacing, chin and cheek implants, and facelift surgery. Dallas patients rely on his experience and his advanced techniques to achieve natural-looking and attractive results.

Dr. Bassichis combines this skill with an approach that empowers patients to make the right surgical decisions. During consultations, he provides them with the information they need, discusses each of the options available, and uses tools and technology that helps them visualize their new appearance.

He and his staff understand how important it is that patients go into their procedure with realistic expectations. Dallas rhinoplasty surgery, both primary and revision, is one of the most Dr. Bassichis’ numerously performed procedures and he enjoys the nuances, challenges, successes derived from each case.

The Initial Consultation

As a candidate for Dallas rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Bassichis will take time to discuss what your goals are for the procedure: essentially, what bothers you and what you would like to change. During this initial consultation, the doctor will analyze your existing nose, taking note of nasal bones, cartilage, and skin. He’ll also pay close attention to how your nose fits with the other features on your face.

You should use this time to provide Dr. Bassichis with any details about past trauma or surgery that you have had in the area of their nose. These factors are important for deciding the best approach to your case. Also, patients who have significant allergy problems, trouble with sleeping, or other symptoms associated with breathing problems should share these details as well.

Setting Expectations

Dr. Bassichis believes that a successful operation must achieve the patient’s personal goals. The only way to accomplish this is for the surgeon and the patient to have a shared vision for what the post-surgery nose will look like.

As part of an evaluation, Dr. Bassichis utilizes diagnostic tools such as digital imaging to demonstrate how your new nose will look. However, he will also explain the limitations of the procedure so that you understand what surgery can and can’t do. Often, surgical choices rely on the underlying structure of the nose or how the nose must work in harmony with other facial features. Dr. Bassichis looks forward to addressing each of these concerns.

One essential point that he helps rhinoplasty surgery patients in Dallas recognize: there is no one single perfect nose. Dr. Bassichis’ goal is to achieve a nose customized exclusively for you that compliments your face, achieves balance in your overall appearance, and gives you the natural-looking, attractive results you desire.

Learn more about rhinoplasty surgery. Dallas patients can contact us at (972) 774-1777 or email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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