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ADVANCED offers patients in Dallas facial plastic surgery that provides high-quality results through a minimally-invasive process. Our practice leader, Dr. Benjamin Bassichis, uses years of training and the latest medical techniques to give you a better experience. Learn more about our approach.

Issues to Consider

When they choose a facial plastic surgeon, Dallas patients often focus on the most immediate questions. They want to know what they will look like after their surgery. They ask about the cost of procedures, how soon they can show off their new look, and what to expect the day of their operation.

All of these are important questions to ask. Dallas facial plastic surgery is a significant undertaking, and you should be as knowledgeable as possible about the procedure you are having and the work your medical team will be doing.

However, an often-overlooked issue for patients when exploring doctors is how the surgery will blend in naturally with who you already are. It’s an issue we discuss with every patient who visits the ADVANCED practice, and it connects with our entire approach to surgery.

Our Minimally-Invasive Approach

Minimally-invasive procedures are treatments customized to your body that rely on the best surgical techniques and latest equipment.

To provide minimally-invasive facial plastic surgery to Dallas patients, Dr. Bassichis uses small and virtually undetectable incisions. As a result, patients get several benefits:

  • Less bruising and swelling in the face and in the area of the surgery.
  • A faster recovery from the procedure, which lets you enjoy your results sooner.
  • Outpatient procedures. Thanks to the approach Dr. Bassichis uses, you aren’t required to stay overnight at a medical facility.


If you are seeking minimally-invasive facial plastic surgery, you have lots of options with ADVANCED. Dr. Bassichis performs the endoscopic browlift, mid-facelift, and necklift with tiny cameras and instruments. He can hide incisions in surgeries such as an upper eyelid procedure (“blepharoplasty”), and he can minimize scarring and provide shorter recovery times for surgeries such as chin and cheek implants.

This focus on minimally-invasive surgery means that you can refresh your appearance without looking as though you’ve “had work done.” It also means that you can enhance your attractiveness without losing who you are.


Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers a highly-skilled licensed medical staff. As a patient, you will feel supported throughout your procedure and confident in the care you are receiving.

Dr. Bassichis and his team prioritize patient safety and comfort as much as excellent results. Both Dr. Bassichis and a licensed medical aesthetician oversee your procedure to ensure quality of care. For ongoing needs, ADVANCED offers the Medi.SPA, a relaxing environment for holistic facial health. The Medi.SPA staff provides several options for small steps towards healthy, beautiful skin.

Our end-to-end care is among the reasons that patients rely on ADVANCED from their 20s well into their 50s. We encourage you to explore the other benefits our practice offers.

Find out more about facial plastic surgery in Dallas. Call us at (972) 774-1777 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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