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For Dallas men and women who desire rhinoplasty surgery, it’s important to stop and think about a few factors before you take the plunge. To help guide you through the consideration process, here’s a list of 5 things to think about before you get a nose job.


  1. How Committed Are You to This Process?

Having rhinoplasty performed is a process, not an event, especially for Dallas patients whose surgical plans include breaking the nasal bone. While you’ll initially have a 2 week recovery time period during which you won’t be able to go to work or school, it can take months to fully recover from nasal surgery depending on how aggressive your surgical plan is. Are you ready for the commitment to the process you need to make?

  1. What Exactly Do You Want to Change?

No two rhinoplasty surgeries are alike. In fact, a nose job can alter a variety of natural nose presentations and even perform functional changes to improve breathing. Since all Dallas patients have different noses which look differently on them depending on their unique facial features, it’s necessary to know before your initial consultation what exactly you want to change about your nose so you can clearly communicate that to Dallas facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Bassichis of Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery.

  1. Are You Able to Take Adequate Time Off Work or Your Other Responsibilities for Recovery?

Getting a nose job requires you to typically take 2 weeks off work or school for your initial recovery period. Do you have ample vacation time saved up at work, or can you squeeze in your desired nose job during summer or winter break? It’s important that you don’t skimp on your rest and recovery period, as your body needs this rest to start the healing process.

  1. Are You in Good General Health?

Dr. Bassichis performs elective rhinoplasty surgery. While surgeons in the ER may perform an emergency, life-saving surgery without knowing your full medical history, elective surgery is different. No Dallas patient should have a nose job if they have a medical condition that may overly complicate surgery or the recovery process. The risks just aren’t worth it.

  1. Do You Have the Patience to Wait Up to a Year to See Your Final Results?

A final thing to consider before undergoing rhinoplasty is whether or not you have the patience to wait for your end results. While bruising and swelling gradually subside after your surgery, it takes the average patient a year to see the final results of a nose job performed for cosmetic purposes. We know you’re eager to see your new nose, but it won’t make its appearance for quite some time.

Consult with Dr. Bassichis to Learn More

Whether you have questions about this list of things to consider before undergoing a nose job or have other questions or concerns, Dr. Bassichis wants to help. Schedule a consultation with him at Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center to learn how the procedure will impact you given your current nose, your desired outcomes, and the unique surgical plan that two of you collaborate on.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Bassichis, call our practice in Dallas today at (972) 774-1777.

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Many Dallas residents experience facial wrinkling and lost facial volume, such as sunken cheeks, as they age. It’s (unfortunately) a completely normal and to-be-expected part of the natural aging process. And it’s exactly why so many locals turn to Dr. Bassichis for a facelift.

A common question about the procedure is whether or not the results from surgery will be permanent. Continue reading to learn just what you can expect when you get a facelift from Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Bassichis.

Expected Facelift Results

Generally speaking, Dallas residents can expect to look about 10 years younger when they opt for a facelift to address their facial wrinkling and lost facial volume. And with Dr. Bassichis’ technical skill and artistic eye, he’s able to perform this procedure in a manner that provides you with results that look natural, not windblown, so that nobody will know you’ve had work done unless you tell them. They’ll likely just think you’ve found a “magic” facial cream and you aren’t sharing your secret!

Dallas patients should know, though, that while results from this surgery can be long-lasting – up to a decade and sometimes even a few years longer – they aren’t permanent. This isn’t because the procedure fails, but because even if you have a facelift, the aging process (unfortunately) doesn’t stop. Eventually, you can expect to experience additional facial wrinkling and lost facial volume, despite having had surgery to correct these issues in the past.

Strategies to Get the Best Benefits from Facial Plastic Surgery

To extend your results and delay your need for a follow-up surgery, Dr. Bassichis provides his Dallas patients with a series of tips when planning facial plastic surgery. These include:

  • Getting a mini-lift in your 30s or 40s
  • Getting a full lift in your 50s, rather than your 60s, which may delay your need for a follow-up procedure in the future*
  • Undergoing a series of routine facial procedures after your surgery to fight off new signs of aging, including routine BOTOX® injections, facial fillers, and laser treatments and/or chemical peels

Learning More About Your Options

Whether you need facial plastic surgery now, or can delay it for a few years, you won’t be able to determine the best course of treatment on your own – no matter how much online research you do. Only at a consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Bassichis of Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center, during which he will examine your face and listen to your problem areas and desired outcomes, will allow you to walk out knowing your best course of treatment.

While some patients may think surgery is immediately needed, they’re often surprised to learn that a series of injections with dermal fillers or BOTOX® or facial peels can provide them with results they’ll be pleased with, that can also delay the need for surgery to a future date.

To learn what treatment plan is best for you, schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Bassichis at Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas today by calling (972) 774-1777.

*Individual results may vary.

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