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The ADVANCE Medi.SPA is pleased to feature the incredible technology of miraDRY. The miraDRY laser system provides safe, non-invasive and long-lasting treatment for excess underarm perspiration. This FDA-cleared therapy innovatively uses microwave type energy to effectively treat the sweat glands for safe and effective reduction in underarm sweating or “hyperhidrosis.” As Dr. Bassichis is a member of the International Hyperhidrosis Society, we are pleased to offer this technology to those suffering from excess perspiration.

We invite you to call us to inquire about this life-changing treatment with effective, permanent results.

*WE’RE SORRY! We are currently updating patient photos for this specific procedure. Stay tuned for beautiful, natural, and ACTUAL results. In the meantime, please call (972) 774-1777 to inquire about additional details regarding this procedure.*

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