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Dr. Benjamin Bassichis is recognized by past patients and medical colleagues for his skill as a facelift surgeon. Dallas men and women turn to his services for high-quality care and excellent results.

Dr. Bassichis differs in many ways from the typical facelift surgeon. Dallas cosmetic physicians generally often many procedures outside of facial operations, such as breast augmentations and tummy tucks. However, Dr. Bassichis focuses exclusively on the face, head, and neck. As a result, he is able to…

  • Stay connected to the latest in technology and techniques.
  • Offers patients more experience in their specific procedure.
  • Provide a more nuanced approach and attractive results.

Dr. Bassichis and the team at ADVANCED Facial Plastic Surgery Center offer patients lifelong care, from maintenance procedures in their twenties to complete rejuvenation in their fifties. Read more about these services.


Through Dr. Bassichis’ work as a facelift surgeon, Dallas patients can completely refresh their appearance in a natural-looking and attractive way. His facelift focuses on lifting and repositioning the facial tissues to their naturally-occurring position. His technique moves these features upwards and not outwards. This helps patients avoid the overly-tight appearance that low-quality facelifts create.

To provide the best results, Dr. Bassichis uses custom facial filler injections and / or fat transfer to restore volume. Over time, the material in our faces moves downwards, making the upper face seem more hollow and the lower part heavier. Facial re-volumization helps create more beautiful results.


Literally a mini facelift, Dallas patients often choose the MiniLift as less-invasive alternative to the full facelift. Dr. Bassichis offers the service to people who want to address jowls, wrinkles, and loose skin in the lower face and neck. It’s best for those who want a significant improvement but prefer a faster recovery than the traditional work of a facelift surgeon.

Dallas patients who choose the MiniLift can expect the same level of care and support as with any of our procedures. Dr. Bassichis can customize the anesthesia to meet your needs and health requirements, and the procedure can take place in our state-of-the-art surgical suite or at a fully-accredited outpatient facility. Board-certified physician anesthesiologists perform all outpatient surgical center anesthesia.

Non-surgical Treatment

Patients who have slight but noticeable signs of aging or blemishes may seek less invasive procedures. ADVANCED’s facility offers the latest generation of lasers, light therapy and aesthetic technologies.

Our equipment can correct skin imperfections such as sun-damaged skin and rosacea. We can also improve facial skin tone and lines, address pigmented lesions, facial veins, and unwanted hair.

Also, Dr. Bassichis is a leading specialist in facial injectables, and he personally performs each treatment to develop relationships with patients and to advise them about future facial care.

Whether you have limited needs or are interested in working with a facelift surgeon, we invite you to contact our offices. Dallas patients can reach us at (972) 774-1777 or

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