For Facial Plastic Surgery, Dallas Patients trust Dr. Benjamin Bassichis at ADVANCED

When it comes to facial plastic surgery, Dallas patients need to make a their best choice when selecting a doctor.

Regarding a cosmetic procedure of the face, careful consideration of the best surgeon is vital. The right surgeon will help ensure that the result is a significant improvement and that the surgery achieves your personal goals. The changes that a doctor makes in one area must complement the other aspects of your face. They should look natural and should enhance your overall attractiveness.

For procedures as important as these, Dallas facial plastic surgery patients choose Dr. Benjamin Bassichis at ADVANCED who specializes exclusively in plastic and reconstructive procedures of the face. ADVANCED provides high-quality services, caring staff, and the professionalism and skill you need for successful Facial Plastic Surgery.

Options for Facial Plastic Surgery

Dallas patients can choose from among ADVANCED’s procedures, including…

Facelift: Rejuvenate the appearance of your lower face by removing fat deposits and excess skin and judiciously tightening facial structure.

Fractionated CO2 Laser Resurfacing: To refresh the skin’s texture and tone and remove wrinkles and scars.
Browlift: Address signs of aging in the area above the eyes. Dr. Bassichis’ Dallas patients enjoy facial plastic surgery enjoy optimized surgical procedures for Browlift.

Fat Transfer: Restore your face’s youthful contour and shape, and help improve your skin’s texture and tone with a 100% natural solution.

In addition to these procedures, ADVANCED provides patients with rhinoplasty; Minilift™, skin cancer reconstruction; and other surgeries and injectable procedures. The breadth of skill and knowledge is matched by the precision, artistry, and dedication inherent in Dr. Bassichis’ work.

About Benjamin Bassichis

After carefully listening to his patient’s goals, Dr. Bassichis personally plans surgery to accomplish their needs with the highest quality care. His background speaks to his commitment to advanced medical techniques and excellent results.

Benjamin Bassichis is a double board-certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. His prestigious training includes a fellowship at University of Illinois at Chicago’s renowned medical program, where was mentored by leading facial plastic surgeons Regan Thomas and Dean Toriumi.

Voted one of the Best in Dallas for Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bassichis’ work is differentiated from other plastic surgeons in that he focuses only on the face, head, and neck. The patients that choose ADVANCED know that their surgeon has extensive and specific experience in the areas they need addressed. His in-depth knowledge of facial plastic surgery means that patients can achieve the results they desire.


As a patient, you’ll recognize the value that a caring and attentive staff offers. From our licensed medical aestheticians to our certified laser technicians and our professional nursing staff and patient coordinators, we provide knowledgeable answers to all your inquiries, we help you stay informed at every step in your procedure, and enjoy every patient visit to our luxury surgical practice and Medi.SPA.

We invite you to experience the energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and personal attention we offer at ADVANCED. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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