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Look Good and Feel Better

A complimentary beauty consultation for our patients and friends undergoing cancer treatment.

The Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center and Medi.SPA are proud to offer our complimentary LookGood and FeelBetter program to help improve the self-image, appearance, and quality of life of people undergoing cancer treatment by teaching beauty techniques to help them cope with the appearance related consequences of cancer treatment and restore their appearance and self-confidence. Trained by the American Cancer Society, our medical aesthetic staff is dedicated to making a difference in the day-to-day lives of women dealing with cancer treatments. Helping women with cancer feel better about themselves and their physical appearance while undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments is a cornerstone of the holistic philosophies we hold dear at Advanced.

There is impressive medical data which show that support programs, such as LookGood and FeelBetter, have a significant impact on the survival rate of women cancer patients. The program is based on the concept that if someone with cancer can be helped to look good, their improved self-esteem will help them to approach their disease and face their treatments with greater confidence. Supportive care for cancer patients is truly a vital component of healing. Mind over matter.

If you, a friend, or loved one are undergoing treatment for cancer, we invite you to a private and complimentary LookGood and FeelBetter beauty consultation with our Medi.SPA staff. We hope to share a new look to counteract to aesthetic effects of the treatments, but more importantly a new, more positive outlook and improved self esteem…and healthy support from friends at ADVANCED.

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