Considering Facelift Surgery? Dallas’ Dr. Benjamin Bassichis Discusses the Procedure

With facelift surgery, Dallas patients can rejuvenate their appearance in a natural-looking and attractive way.

Dr. Benjamin Bassichis—a skilled facelift surgeon, Dallas plastic surgeon, and head and neck specialist—has helped hundreds of patients achieve this goal. Exclusively specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, Dr. Bassichis uses the latest techniques, high-quality care that emphasizes patient safety, and a conservative approach that restores beauty.

Often, people have a lot of questions about the process and the results of facelift surgery. Dallas patients can learn more about the procedure below.

About Facelifts

As we age, our face shifts down from the upper part of our face. This can result in a sagging, tired, or jowly appearance.

Facelift surgery addresses these signs of aging in the lower third of the face. The procedure adds additional support for the underlying structure of the face, and removes excess skin to offer a more toned contour. The result is a smoother, younger appearance.

The most successful facelifts restore the facial features to their youthful position without stretching them out of their naturally-occurring location. Each facelift performed by Dr. Bassichis is personalized to suit the patient’s individual characteristics, and each procedure must provide balance to achieve the overall appearance of healthy rejuvenated image.

Dr. Bassichis’ Approach

Dr. Bassichis offers options for customization in multiple aspects of facelift surgery to achieve highly customized beautiful results. Dallas patients discuss these options as part of their consultation; clear communication, experienced medical guidance, and a supportive enjoyable environment all characterize the experience.

Dr. Bassichis offers a variety of clinically proven surgical and nonsurgical options to provide patients greater individuality and flexibility in their facelift procedure. Options include minimally-invasive procedures such as the MiniLift and state-of-the-art Fractionated CO2 Laser Resurfacing to a complete facelift operation as well as injectables such as Botox or Restylane.

The Procedure and Recovery

Your facelift surgery will take place at an accredited Dallas private surgery center with a large, highly-skilled team. Dr. Bassichis uses only MD anesthesiologists to attend to your safety and comfort throughout your procedure. With our skilled physicians we can tailor your anesthesia preferences as well. You will have a chance to talk with Dr. Bassichis, your physician anesthesiologist, and other medical providers before the procedure so that you can ask any additional questions you may have.

Dr. Bassichis’ facelift uses advanced techniques that lift and reposition the facial tissues and remove excess skin. The incisions are hidden in folds or creases to create more natural-looking and attractive results.

Many patients are released the same day of their procedure, though some prefer to stay overnight for comfort. The ADVANCED team provides excellent care throughout your stay as well as during the many follow-up visits that help us track your healthy recovery. We ensure that you are healing as expected, and we recommend options for optimizing your results at each stage.

Learn more about facelift surgery. Dallas patients are encouraged to contact us at (972) 774-1777 or email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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