Rhinoplasty DallasAsk Dr. Bassichis about rhinoplasty surgery, and he’ll tell you the truth – no two rhinoplasty surgeries are alike. Many Dallas men and women seek out his skill to address a variety of issues of the nose, whether they be cosmetic or functional, meaning they are issues that interfere with breathing.

Commonly, patients visit Dr. Bassichis for an initial rhinoplasty surgery consultation to ask if the surgery can address their nostrils, often desiring to make them smaller when potential patients feel their nostrils are too wide. This is definitely something that Dr. Bassichis can address with this elective plastic surgery procedure.

Reducing Nostril Size with Rhinoplasty Surgery

While you may think that reducing the size of wide nostrils is a relatively easy procedure, it’s actually something that requires a careful patient evaluation, an individualized treatment plan, and a lot of skill and technique.

Dr. Bassichis’ Approach to Reducing Nostril Size

While Dr. Bassichis understands that Dallas residents with wide nostrils may want to significantly reduce them, he cautions them to be conservative with their goals. That’s because flaring nostrils are a common facial expression, and you don’t want to lose normal facial expressions and functionality just because you’ve had plastic surgery. You want your results to look natural, and make you look like the best version of you. That’s why Dr. Bassichis works so hard on compiling an individual treatment plan for you and explaining what you might expect your results to look like.

The Actual Surgery

During your nostril reduction rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Bassichis will create an incision in the crease of the nose – where your nostrils meet your cheeks. From here, he’ll remove a wedge of the nostril wall. The incision will then be sutured (stitched up). Depending on your desired results that you have pre-communicated with Dr. Bassichis, your incision shape may be:

  • Triangular
  • Rectangular
  • Diamond-Shaped

Typically, your nostril reduction rhinoplasty incision is hidden in the crease of your nose so that you won’t have any obvious scars. Nostril reduction may also make your nose appear smaller and narrower.*

Your Recovery Process

All surgeries have a recovery process, and rhinoplasty surgery is no different. Usually, when you get your nostrils reduced, you’ll return to Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center to have your stitches removed. You’ll likely experience redness in the treatment area for the first two weeks post-op, as well as swelling for the first three weeks after your surgery. This is normal and to be expected. You can resume your normal day-to-day activities the day after your nose reduction rhinoplasty surgery, though many Dallas patients prefer to take two weeks off from social activities, including work or school, while they recover.

Schedule Your Nostril Reduction Rhinoplasty Surgery Consultation Today

If you’re uncomfortable with the size of your nostrils, Dr. Bassichis of Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center can help! Schedule an appointment to meet him today for an initial consultation to discuss how you can get the nose of your dreams.

The appointment can be made by contacting his office in Dallas at (972) 774-1777.

*Individual results may vary

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If you’re a Dallas patient desiring rhinoplasty, and you also smoke (or vape or use chewing tobacco), you might be wondering if your habit will affect your recovery process. The answer is a resounding, “yes”! Additionally, it can also complicate your surgery. For these reasons, Dr. Bassichis of Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center requires all his patients to refrain from nicotine usage of any kind for at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery.

Why Does Smoking Affect the Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

Smoking has adverse effects on nose job recovery because it constricts your blood vessels. After rhinoplasty, or any surgery for that matter, you want to ensure you have the best possible blood flow so you can heal as quickly and properly as possible.

You see, our blood is a stream that delivers cells and antibodies to every part of our bodies through a complicated system of arteries and veins. Your body needs to flow at its maximum capacity to transfer nutrients to your nose after rhinoplasty so that you can heal.

But because nicotine usage constricts blood vessels, Dallas patients who choose to continue with their habit during their recovery process experience delayed healing. And the longer it takes for you to heal properly, the more at risk you are for developing complications – such as infections at your incision sites.

For the best possible recovery from rhinoplasty, Dr. Bassichis of Dallas’ Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery urges all his patients to quit smoking, vaping, or using chewing tobacco for at least 2 weeks after their procedure.

How Smoking Affects Your Surgery

So we’ve learned that smoking constricts blood vessels. Guess what? Blood vessel constriction can also make your nose job surgery more difficult to complete by restricting the amount of blood flowing during your procedure. We know you want your surgery day to go as smoothly as possible. For this reason, Dr. Bassichis also requires his facial plastic surgery patients to refrain from any nicotine usage for at least 2 weeks before their surgeries.

Getting Help Abstaining

We know that nicotine is addictive, and it’s really hard to quit. If you’re considering getting a nose job, it might be time to decide to quit for good. Before your surgery, you can use an over-the-counter smoking cessation product, such as step down nicotine gum, lozenges, or patches. You can also visit your Dallas primary care physician to be prescribed medication that has been proven to reduce nicotine cravings.

If over-the-counter or prescription medications aren’t enough to help you quit, you can sign up for a smoking cessation program that will help with the psychological and social aspects of kicking the habit, too. For a recommendation, ask your primary care physician or Dr. Bassichis during your initial consultation.

Ask Dr. Bassichis If You Have Any Questions

If you have any other questions about smoking and nose job recovery, or how to quit, don’t be afraid to ask Dr. Bassichis during your initial consultation or leave a message at his Dallas practice, Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery.

The important thing is to be honest. While Dr. Bassichis cares deeply about providing you with the surgical results you desire, your overall health and surgical safety his primary concern. If your surgery day is approaching, and you haven’t been able to stop smoking, Dr. Bassichis needs to know.

To schedule an initial consultation or talk to Dr. Bassichis about quitting your nicotine habit, contact our Dallas office at (972) 774-1777.

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Rhinoplasty Dallas
  1. Consider How Much Time You’re Going to Take off from Work, School, or Other Social Activities

With rhinoplasty surgery, Dallas patients are able to resume their normal work, school or social activities the day after their outpatient procedure. Still, some prefer to stay indoors while they heal. Consider how long you’d like to stay home to recover. Most people who stay home do so for about 2 weeks.

  1. Be Prepared for Some Post Surgery Bruising and Swelling

Whether you’re having a nasal hump removed or your nose narrowed, rhinoplasty surgery is going to cause bruising and swelling in Dallas patients. This is completely normal and to be expected. This is also why some people decide to take a few weeks off from work, school or social activities while they heal.

  1. Remember, you May Not See Your Final Results for Up to 12-15 Months

We know you want your new nose now, but that’s just not how rhinoplasty surgery works. Depending on the specific procedures you’re having performed, it may take as long as 12 to 15 months for you to see your final, post-op results.

  1. Abstain from Exercising for 3-4 Weeks

Whenever you have a surgery, you need to take it easy for a while to recover. This is even true with rhinoplasty surgery, which only addresses your nose. Don’t hit your favorite area gym for at least 3 to 4 weeks after your procedure.

  1. Be Prepared for Your Post Rhinoplasty Surgery Look

Most Dallas patients report they aren’t in a significant amount of pain after their rhinoplasty surgery. However, it is normal to feel some stiffness, bruising and swelling the first few days after your surgery. Some patients, depending on the exact techniques performed, will also have internal nasal splints.

  1. Keep in Mind Some Discomfort is Normal After Rhinoplasty Surgery

No surgery is ever 100% comfortable. The same goes for rhinoplasty surgery. You can expect some minor discomfort after your elective plastic surgery procedure, including swelling and bruising around the face and eyes. Some patients will also experience slight bleeding from their nostrils. All of these side effects are completely normal and to be expected.

  1. Make Sure to Keep Your Post-Op Visits

It’s never a good idea to skip out on a post-op visit, especially not your first one where stitches might be removed. Keep all your post-op visits, and if you have to reschedule at the last minute, do so for as soon as possible.

  1. Your New Nose My Not Look “Normal” At First

Remember, it’s going to take a while for your new nose to appear. While most patients experience a significant reduction in swelling within the first 4-6 weeks after surgery, it may take up to 15 months to see your final results.

  1. Remember, Dr. Bassichis Performs Several Rhinoplasty Surgeries on Many Patients Every Year

If you’re looking for a great Dallas are rhinoplasty surgeon, you can’t do any better than Dr. Bassichis. He has years of experience and performs the surgery on a frequent basis.

  1. Sometimes, a Revision Surgery is Necessary

Even the best surgeons may find that two surgeries are necessary to get your ideal results. Keep in mind that when it comes to operating on the nose, it may be best for your overall look and health to have a revision surgery to get the results you desire.*

Schedule Your Rhinoplasty Surgery with Dr. Bassichis Today

If you’re ready for a new nose, then let’s get the ball rolling.

Call Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center at their office in Dallas to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bassichis at (972) 774-1777.

*Individual results may vary 

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Young Man with Facial Hair and Defining Features

Many of Dr. Bassichis’ Dallas patients report that the days and weeks leading up to their facelift is an exciting time. After all, they’re looking forward to their new, more youthful look!

But preparing for plastic surgery, especially on the face, may leave you with some questions about what you can do ahead of time to prepare for the big day. To help you out, here are 10 tips from Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center on how to prepare for a facelift.

1. Share Any Questions or Concerns with Dr. Bassichis

Whether you have pre-surgery jitters or realize you aren’t sure about a certain aspect of your surgery, Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Bassichis wants to know before you head into the operating room so he can answer all of your questions. Just reach out to our office to leave him a message.

2. Make Sure You’re Wearing Sunscreen on Your Face in the Days and Weeks leading up to Your Surgery

You should always wear sunscreen (hint, hint), but it’s especially important for Dallas facelift patients to do so before their surgery.

3. If You Use Any Tobacco Products, Now’s the Time to Quit

We don’t mean to lecture you about smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco, but quitting before surgery is very important. Nicotine usage constricts blood vessels, which can complicate surgery, as well as delay your healing process. If you need help quitting, talk to Dr. Bassichis about a smoking cessation program

4. Coordinate Aftercare Help

You’re going to need to rest and recover in the days after your facelift surgery, which means you won’t be able to do your normal daily household chores. If you have a partner, see if he or she can arrange for time off work to help you the first few days after your procedure, or find a friend or relative who can help around the house instead.

5. Arrange for a Ride to and From Your Surgery (Uber or Lyft Won’t Cut It)

Dr. Bassichis’ Dallas facelift patients will be receiving general anesthesia for their surgeries, which will put them completely asleep. Because this medication is so strong, you won’t be allowed to drive yourself home after your procedure. Additionally, Dr. Bassichis wants his patients to be released into the care of a friend or family member, not a ridesharing app driver. Make sure to find a friend or family member who can take you to your surgery, stay in the waiting room while you have your procedure, and drive you home safely.

6. Don’t Skip Your Pre-Op Appointment with Your Primary Care Physician

Pre-op appointments are important for any elective surgery because they ensure you are in sufficient health to undergo a non-emergency surgery. Keeping this appointment with your Dallas primary care physician is one of Dr. Bassichis’ requirements for all his plastic surgery patients.

7. Stop Taking Non-Essential Medications and Herbal Supplements as Directed by Dr. Bassichis

If you take anti-inflammatories or herbal supplements, Dr. Bassichis will coordinate with your prescribing physician to see if they are necessary to take daily, or if you can temporarily abstain from them for your surgery. This is done under an abundance of caution, as some non-essential medications and herbal supplements may interfere with your anesthesia or the surgical process.

8. Stay Sober 3-5 Days Before Your Surgery Date

Alcohol thins your blood, which may lead to excessive bleeding during surgery. To prevent this, enjoy a mocktail or grape juice instead of wine or a cocktail 3-5 days before your surgery.

9. Make Sure to Wash Your Hair the Evening Before Your Surgery

Since your surgical incisions will be made in your hairline, you won’t be able to shower until several days after your surgery. This means washing your hair the night before surgery is a must.

10. Begin Fasting the Night Before Your Surgery

Because you’ll be receiving general anesthesia for your surgery, you’ll need to fast for at least 12 hours before your surgical appointment. Make sure you time your fasting right to ensure you meet this requirement.

Contact Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center With Any Facial Surgery Questions

We hope you find these tips helpful! Remember, if you have any additional questions about how to prepare for your surgery, we want to know.

Schedule your facelift consultation in Dallas today at (972) 774-1777.

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Rhinoplasty DallasAll plastic surgeons, especially Dallas facial plastic surgeon Dr. Bassichis, will tell you that no two rhinoplasty surgeries are the same. Everyone who desires a nose job has a different type of natural nose, and different problem area they would like to address. That’s why the surgery is so unique! Here are three of the most common reasons why you may consider getting a nose job.

  1. You Want to Remove a Nasal Hump

Many Dallas residents with a nasal hump on their nose find this natural facial features unattractive. Whether they dislike the way they look head-on or are unhappy with their facial profile, they just want this nasal hump gone for good. Rhinoplasty can help.

To remove an unwanted nasal hump, Dr. Bassichis gently shaves the nasal hump down. After that, he performs a procedure called lateral osteotomy, which is the medical term for breaking your nose. While this may sound like a harsh technique, it is needed when removing a nasal hump so that the nasal bone can narrow, as well as close the open roof that is usually created when a nasal hump is shaved down.

  1. You Have a Naturally Short Nose

Some Dallas residents choose rhinoplasty because they feel their noses are too short for their face. It’s actually a very common reason that patients come to Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center for a nose job. Depending on your unique situation, Dr. Bassichis can perform one of the following techniques to elongate your nose:

  • Radix Grafting

The radix is the upper part of the nose. Depending on your natural nose shape, Dr. Bassichis may choose radix grafting to add more cartilage at the top of your nose, allowing it to “start” higher up your face, giving you the longer nose shape you desire.

  • Caudal Septal Extension Grafting

Sometimes, patients’ noses only look short because their nasal tips are upturned. In this case, Dr. Bassichis can add cartilage to the tip of your nose, making your nose look longer.

  • Extended Spreader Grafts

Sometimes the space between the septum and lateral cartilage need to be extended. If this is the case for you, Dr. Bassichis will use extended spreader grafts, which are harvested pieces of cartilage, to make your nose longer.

  1. You Have a Breathing Issue and Desire Functional Rhinoplasty

Some Dallas residents come to Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center desiring rhinoplasty, not for a cosmetic reason, but a functional reason. This is common amongst patients who have difficulty breathing. Reasons for functional rhinoplasty include:

  • Chronic nasal congestion that isn’t resolved with medications
  • Breathing through the mouth constantly, especially at night
  • Frequently having dry mouth
  • A noticeably reduced sense of smell
  • Frequent, unexplained nosebleeds
  • Repeated sinus infections or headaches with no known medical cause
  • Eustachian tube dysfunction
  • Insomnia

Schedule a Rhinoplasty Consultation Today

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why patients choose to have rhinoplasty. Whether you don’t like the aesthetic look of your nose or think you have a functional issue that could be resolved surgically, Dr. Bassichis would love to consult with you.

To schedule an initial appointment, call our office in Dallas today at (972) 774-1777.

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Young Woman with a Sculpted Nose Framing Her Face in her Hands

If you’re wondering if rhinoplasty is going to deliver drastic changes to your facial appearance, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s a common question that Dallas facial plastic surgeon Dr. Bassichis of Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center is asked during nose job consultations.

The answer to this question is, “yes, no, or possibly”. The reason it’s difficult to give a definitive answer is that every nose job is different, meaning your surgical results will vary depending on whether you are having cosmetic rhinoplasty to change the appearance of your nose (and if so, what degree of changes you are hoping to get), or if you’re getting a functional nose job to improve your breathing.

The Various Ways Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Can Alter the Appearance of Your Face

Dr. Bassichis finds that many Dallas residents don’t like the appearance of their nose, and feel like it doesn’t match their other facial features. Nose jobs can address several cosmetic concerns, including:

  • A protruding nasal hump
  • A pointy nose
  • A nose that looks too large for the patient’s face
  • A nose that looks too small for the patient’s face
  • A nose with a downward turned nasal tip
  • A wide nose
  • Nostrils that the patient finds are too big or too small

As you can see from the above list, there are so many different ways a nose job can alter your appearance, whether or not you’ll see results that you may find “drastic” all depends on your current appearance, and your surgical plan for the unwanted nasal appearance you’d like changed.

Nose Appearances Typically Stay Intact for Functional Rhinoplasty Patients

Some Dallas residents have a nose that they feel is as cute as a button. However, they’re plagued with breathing problems, and no medications for allergies or congestion have helped.

In some cases, functional rhinoplasty may be an option to help improve breathing in a Dallas patient. Because this procedure typically involves altering the internal shelves in your nose, most Dallas functional nose job patients don’t see drastic changes to their appearance after surgery.

If You’re Concerned Your Surgery Will Deliver Results that You Feel Will Be Too Drastic, Let Dr. Bassichis Know

When it comes to nose jobs and desired outcomes, the most important thing is to have open communication with Dr. Bassichis. He won’t know how aggressively to shave down a nasal hump, for example, if you don’t clearly communicate what you’d like your post-op nose to look like. Oftentimes, the best way to do this is to show him pictures of noses you like, so he has a visual as to what look you want to achieve.

Schedule a Consultation at Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center

If you’re considering a nose job, the best thing you can do is to speak with an experienced and talented facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Bassichis. During an initial consultation, he can evaluate your nose, listen to your concerns and desired outcomes, and together, he can help prepare a surgical treatment plan that will make you happy – whether that includes drastic or subtle changes to your facial appearance.

To schedule an initial consultation, contact Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Dallas today at (972) 774-1777.



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Woman with Bare Shoulders and Eyes Closed Holding her Hand to her Smooth Face

If you’re showing signs of aging on your face, but you’re on the fence about getting a facelift, we’re here to provide you with some information that may help you make your decision. Here are 5 benefits of having the procedure performed by Dallas facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Bassichis of Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center.

  1. Look Up to 10 Years Younger (With Results That Look Natural, Not Windblown)

One of the most common questions that Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Bassichis is asked during facelift consultations is how much younger the surgery can make a patient appear. While individual results will always vary, the skills and techniques that Dr. Bassichis uses can make you appear as much as 10 years younger than you actually are!*

Dr. Bassichis works diligently to make sure you have results that look natural. He knows that no Dallas plastic surgery patient wants obvious signs that tell the world they’ve had work done. He also knows you want to avoid the “windblown” look. With his advanced technical skills and artistic eye, Dr. Bassichis is able to provide patients with results that look natural and not surgical.*

  1. Fill in Sunken Cheeks

One of the most common complaints among patients desiring a facial plastic surgery is that their cheeks have hollowed out and sunken in. Through the combined use of facial fillers and specialized surgical techniques, Dr. Bassichis can add volume to the cheeks and tighten the surrounding skin to help them have a more youthful appearance.

  1. Eliminate Wrinkles on Your Mid to Lower Face

Nobody likes wrinkles. But with aging, they’re pretty much unavoidable. However, surgery can eliminate the wrinkling you’ve accumulated over the years on your mid to lower face. If wrinkles reappear in between your need for an additional surgery approximately 10 years after your first one, solutions like routine BOTOX®, laser treatments and/or chemical peels are a great maintenance option.

  1. Get Rid of Jowls That Hang Off of Your Jawline

Sometimes, one of the biggest complaints Dr. Bassichis hears from his Dallas patients is that they have jowls hanging below their jawline. Many of these patients don’t realize that a facelift can address this issue, too.

By making a small incision underneath your chin, Dr. Bassichis has the access he needs to remove these jowls from your face, so you have less facial drooping.

  1. Feel More Confident with a More Youthful Look That Reflects How You Really Feel Inside

Probably the best benefit of getting a facelift is that it helps you look as young as you feel inside. Many of Dr. Bassichis’ patients express that their outer appearance just doesn’t reflect how active and young they truly are – both mentally, physically, and spiritually. Facial plastic surgery lets the true you shine through so that you look as great as you feel on the inside!

Learn More About Getting a Facelift

If these 5 benefits have you intrigued about the procedure, Dr. Bassichis is happy to evaluate you to determine if you’re ready for surgery and, if so, explain it to you in detail. But first, you’ll need to schedule an initial consultation with him at Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center.

Contact our office in Dallas today at (972) 774-1777. 

*Individual Results May Vary.

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While many of our patients enjoy our wonderful micro-needling results in the Medi.SPA, we are now thrilled to offer Micro-needling with PRP treatments. Micro-needling makes hundreds of tiny holes in the upper most layer of your skin. This activates the skin renewal giving a fresher, firmer, youthful result. The treatment can address acne, blemishes acne, freckles and other imperfections. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a treatment which uses your own blood platelets to stimulate new cell growth, helping to improve your complexion, skin texture and to restore lost facial volume. PRP becomes more powerful when combined with micro-needling. The available clinical evidence indicates that the addition of PRP improves cosmetic outcomes especially with regard to acne scars. Micro-needling with PRP can improve fine lines and wrinkles, soften stretch marks, even skin tone, and firm skin texture for fresher, more youthful skin.

Some of the wonderful benefits we see in our patients who get Micro-needling with PRP treatment

  1. Improvement In Skin: Micro-needling with PRP yields amazing results that celebrities adore. It does not only enhance your skin, but also triggers the healing process. It improves all the damages like freckles, blemishes, acne scars, sunburn spots, stretch marks and other skin imperfections.
  2. Fast Recovery: This treatment does not require much time to heal with only minimal recovery.
  3. Healing Process: The PRP treatment along with micro-needling starts the body’s healing process. This reaction causes another collagen reaction, which boosts the damage repair such as above mentioned skin imperfections.
  4. Long Lasting Result: Micro-needling with PRP carries long lasting and satisfactory results.

Micro-needling with PRP Can Treat:

  • Uneven and rough skin texture
  • Acne scarring or other kinds of scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Freckles
  • Blemishes
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Sunburn spots

PRP used with micro-needling can amplify the regenerative effects of micro-needling.

We invite you to contact our office to see how micro-needling therapy with or without Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) can improve your facial appearance! Please call 972-774-1777 to set up your appointment.

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Young Man in Blue Sweater with Slight Facial Hair and Dark Hair

If you’re a Dallas teen and you either don’t like the shape or size of your nose, or you have trouble breathing, you may be wondering if you’re old enough to have Dr. Bassichis of Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery perform rhinoplasty on you. Or perhaps you’re a mom, dad, or guardian, and your teenage son or daughter has been asking for the surgery. Is a teen old enough to get a nose job? What exactly is the ideal age for getting a nose job?

Age Minimums for Rhinoplasty

Getting a nose job must be delayed until the patient’s nose has finished growing. For girls, this is typically around age 15 or 16. For boys, waiting until age 17 is generally recommended. But when it comes to teens and nose jobs, additional factors need to be considered.

After Reaching the Minimum Age for a Nose Job, a Teen Needs to Demonstrate Having Enough Emotional Strength for Such a Life-Changing Procedure

Any Dallas patient who chooses cosmetic rhinoplasty – that is a cosmetic surgery that is aimed at changing the appearance of the nose – needs to be prepared to look completely different than they ever have before. This drastic change in appearance can be challenging for some local teens, even if they do love the results of their procedure and feel happier and more confident once their nose has fully healed from surgery.

The important thing for parents and teens to consider in coordination with Dr. Bassichis is whether or not the teen is emotionally mature enough to understand the life-changing effects of getting a nose job. They also need to be prepared for the recovery process, which requires wearing a splint typically for 1-2 weeks post-op, as well as having bruising and swelling around the nose and underneath the eyes for a few weeks.

Teens also need to understand that patience is required to see the final results of their surgery. While individual results vary, most Dallas rhinoplasty patients don’t see their final results until 1 year after their procedure. And let’s face it, a year is a long time to teens in today’s fast media culture.

If instead of cosmetic rhinoplasty, a teen desires the procedure to address functional problems with breathing, the cosmetic concerns don’t need to be considered. A functional nose job, which typically only addresses surgically altering the internal structure of the nose to improve breathing, doesn’t come with the telltale changes the cosmetic nose jobs do.

The Ideal Age for an Adult to Have a Nose Job

If you’re an adult desiring a nose job, there’s really no target age to have the procedure performed. The key is to schedule the surgery at a time when you’re ready for the cosmetic changes (if cosmetic alterations are the reasoning behind having the procedure performed), and that you have at least 2 weeks time off work or college to take off to recover from your surgery.

Consult with Dallas’ Dr. Bassichis Today

Whether you desire a nose job for cosmetic or functional reasons, Dr. Bassichis is ready to help. A local plastic surgeon who exclusively performs facial plastic surgery, he’s the smart choice for your nose job surgery.

To schedule a consultation and discuss surgical options, contact Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas today at (972) 774-1777.

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